Åzone Futures Market

Screen Shot 2016-09-29 at 3.57.10 pm.png

Åzone Futures Market ‘double variant’ home page displaying status updates of the current investment trends

Åzone Futures Market (October 2015 – Present) is an experimental, interactive online exhibition by the Guggenheim Museum where visitors are invited to speculate, learn, discuss and evaluate the effects of technology-driven change and futures.

Participants ‘invest’ in a simulated futuristic stock market shaped by technological developments – privileging engagement and rewarding transparency by giving participants who provide the most valuable tips (information) more to invest.

Each of the speculate futures were created by artist, architects, theorist and strategist and are supported by current data trends. Åzone is not only an exhibition about technology, it is the technology – one thats digital architecture is constantly changing and morphing as long as visitors are participating.

Åzone was a perfect starting point to begin speculating our future scenario – providing a rich, data-driven visualisations and overviews of current and future projections of new technologies and how they will challenging society, ethics, practices, culture and institutions. It was interesting to see where people’s interests and values lie based on the decisions and investments made and how the change.

As a group, we decided to explore the notion of ‘Moral Enhancement‘ which explores the widespread use of neuropharmaceuticals that increase focus and the ability to bond oneself to many things such as career, life goals, diets and relationships, leading to increased empathy at a social scale. Drawing upon this, we focused on the idea of empathy and compassion as a driving force to a prison-free 2050 future.


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