Generative Approaches to Futuring Thinking

Thinking about the future is a form of storytelling. These stories spread, replicate, evolve and shape our future and can help us in many ways to: avoid danger, set goals or dreams and to make better decisions.

In class, we explored the “Double Variant Method” to future thinking with the given scenario:

What might a Sunday night dinner be?

In response, we came up factors or ‘forces of change’ of this scenario, some of which included:

  • What is in the kitchen?
  • Hang over
  • Money $$
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Location
  • Diet
  • Religion
  • Entertainment
  • Massive lunch
  • Pregnancy
  • Break-up
  • First date
  • Body goals
  • 24hrs to live

In our group, we drew up our own axis:

Health conscious vs. All-you-can-eat (y-axis) & Break-up vs. First date (x-axis)

Within each quadrant we came up with a variety of answers, some more outrageous than others. The generated scenarios were a combination of personal experiences, stereotypical preconceptions of those certain themes and imagination. It was interesting to compare the similarities and differences across all scenarios (e.g. alcohol seemed to be a common factor in all scenarios) but also to explore the relationship between food habits and dating.

2016-08-15 13.39.18.jpg


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